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Stop Junk Mail

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  Are you tired of being inundated with unwanted flyers, catalogs, and promotional materials cluttering up your mailbox? It's time to put an end to the never-ending stream of junk mail. Say goodbye to wasted paper, unnecessary clutter, and the hassle of sorting through piles of unwanted advertisements. In this guide, we'll explore effective strategies to stop junk mail once and for a...Read More

By: Ash Alles

The Best Real Estate Investments

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            Hello there, future property moguls! Ever wondered what the best real estate investments are? Let's dive right in. First, you've got residential properties. Think houses, apartments, townhomes. These are great because everyone needs a place to live, right? Rental income can provide a steady cash flow. Second, commercial properties. Office bui...Read More

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Housing Market Update - May 2023

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According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board’s latest report, the average selling price of properties in the Greater Toronto Area reached $1,153,269. Now, this is a month-over-month increase of 4%. Sales were also up compared to March, increasing by 9% to 7,531 homes sold, though these increases combined with low levels of inventory means market conditions are tightening. Many buyers...Read More

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Interest Rates To Fall By 2024

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The Bank of Canada’s benchmark interest rate is expected to fall back to around 3.00% by the end of 2024, now this is according to a median of responses from market participants. These findings were released in the Bank of Canada’s first-quarter Market Participants Survey, where they surveyed 30 financial market participants between March 9 and 23, 2023. A median of responses expects t...Read More

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Housing Market Update - March 2023

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The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) housing market is undergoing a strong recovery as the average GTA home price rises to $1,108,606 in March 2023, the highest that it has been since June 2022. This comes off the back of a 23-month low in prices seen in January 2023. As prices once again rise, GTA home sales are also on the rise, with 6,900 home sales during the month of March 2023. ...Read More

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Reasons Not To Overprice Your Home

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When you are selling your home, it can be tempting to set a high price with the hope of getting a higher profit, but pricing your home too high can actually have negative consequences. Here are five reasons why:First, a high price can scare away potential buyers, resulting in fewer showings and less interest in the property.Second, even if you receive an offer on an overpriced home, the buyer'...Read More

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What Will The Bank of Canada Do On March 8?

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The Bank of Canada will make an announcement about interest rates on Wednesday. It is expected that they will not change the rate this time. However, economists will be paying close attention to what the bank says in their statement about their plans for the rest of the year. In January 2022, the Bank of Canada announced its eighth consecutive rate hike and said that they would pause for a while t...Read More

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Housing Market Update - February 2023


Home prices have decreased over the past year due to the Bank of Canada's interest rate hikes. Many homebuyers have chosen to purchase lower-priced homes in order to offset higher borrowing costs. The proportion of home purchases under one million dollars has increased compared to last year. Now, according to the TRREB, there were 4,783 sales through TRREB's MLS® System in February 20...Read More

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Are You An AirBnb Host?

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Selling your Airbnb? Going tree stuck with a huge HSD bill? Watch this!Are you an Airbnb host planning to sell your property? If your property was primarily used for short-term rental, you may need to pay HSD on the sale. As the property's primary use was for commercial, not for residential purposes. To avoid this, you can either use the property for personal use for more than 50 percent of th...Read More

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The Toronto Vacant Tax

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The Toronto Vacant Tax is just one of the many measures that the city's taking to address the housing crisis. The Toronto Vacant Tax is a new policy that aims to address the city's housing crisis. This tax targets residential properties that are left empty for more than 6 months in a year. The idea behind the tax is to encourage property owners to rent out their vacant units and make more ...Read More