3 Hedging Strategies Against A Rising Interest Rate Environment 🛡️ 📈 💲 | How to Protect Your Wealth

How to Protect Your Wealth

Pro Investor Tips ➡️ Hedge against Rising Interest Rate Environment ➡️ Rate Hike ➡️ Home Owner Options ➡️ Fixed Rate VS Variable Rate

😍 🎯5 Home Renovations That Would Hurt Your Home's Value |

Pro Investor Tips

1. Over The Top Landscaping
2. Excessive Wallpaper
3. Bright and Bold Paint
4. Expanding Bedrooms
5. Too Much Carpeting


How Market Conditions Influence The Sale Of Your Home |🤩✅ 🎯

Pro Investor Tips

Adapt Your Strategy: 🎯 To The Season 🎯 To The Market 🎯 To The
Demographics of the Buyer 🎯 To The Location 🎯 To The Price Point


🤩✅🎯 Why the Highest Offer is NOT Always the Best Offer | 💰

Price📅 Closing Date☑️ Conditions

You Need to Look at: 💰 Price 📅 Closing Date ☑️ Conditions 🙆 You Need to
vet these clients. 🏘️ You Need to vet the agent.


Legal Duplex Conversion

What To Look For When Converting To A Legal Duplex
& What Trends Are We Seeing Right Now?
Pro Investor Tips

You Need to Look for:
☑️ Permitted Uses in the Zoning Bylaws
🏘️ Principal House & Coach House
➡️ Legal Lot Survey
➡️ Property Dimensions & Property Boundaries

☑️ What Trends Right Now:
➡️Bigger Lots
➡️Bigger Buildings


🤩✅🎯 How To Improve Your Credit Score | What is a Good Credit

Score | Pro Investor Tips

1. Pay Your Bills On Time 2. Keep Your Credit Utilization Low 3. Pay More
Than the Minimum Payment on Your Credit Card 4. Under-use Your Credit Card
5. Take an Offer to Raise Your Credit Limit 6. Diversify Your Credit Mix 7.
Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report 8. Keep your Oldest Credit Card 9.
Consider a Secured Credit Card


🤩✅🎯 Rental Property Tax Deductions | Pro Investor Tips

The following is a list of expenses that are deductible: 🎯 Advertising 🎯
Insurance 🎯 Interest and Bank charges 🎯 Office Expenses 🎯 Professional
Fees (includes legal and accounting fees) 🎯 Management & Administration
fees 🎯 Repairs & Maintenance 🎯 Salaries, Wages, and Benefits (including
employer's contributions) 🎯 Property taxes 🎯 Travel 🎯 Utilities 🎯 Motor
Vehicle Expenses 🎯 Other Rental Expenses 🎯 Prepaid expenses


🤩✅🎯 How To Manage Your Rental Properties While You Are On


Manage Your Rental Properties While You Are On Vacation


🤩✅🎯 Do You Need A Home Inspection? | Pro Investor Tips

Items below are some of the things done in a home inspection: 🎯 Look at
the major systems of the house 🎯 Start with the exterior - roof -
brickwork - siding - the garage - draininage patterns - foundation leakage
- patios - decks 🎯 Enter the house and start from the top and work
yourself down - overall structure - signs of leakage - ventilation -
insulation - mold growth 🎯 Go through the house room by room - every
bedroom - doors - floors - walls - ceilings - electrical outlets - switches
- windows - plugs and switches 🎯 Bit of time spent in the bathrooms and
kitchens - signs of leakage - electrical safety - fixture condition 🎯 Test
any built-in appliance 🎯 Basement - staining - rust - peeling paint -
infrared cameras - moisture meters - electrical panel - wiring - properly
and safely 🎯 Run the furnace and airconditioning 🎯 Everything is
documented - full writted detailed report - lots of pictures - uploaded on
the internet

Real Estate VS Stock Market 📈 🏠 💰 | Who has the better Return On Investment (ROI)? | Leverage


✔️ Stocks vs Real Estate ✔️ The power of Leverage ✔️ Real Estate / Housing Market ✔️ Investment on Rental Property ✔️ Zero Cash Flow ✔️ Mortgage / Equity Paydown

Bulletproofing Your Rental Property 🎯 🏨 💪 | Maximum Usage | Pro Investor Tips

✔️ Flooring ✔️ Appliances ✔️ Countertops ✔️ Wash Rooms ✔️ Smoke Detectors ✔️ Paint

My 2022 Predictions| Real Estate Market 📈 🏷️ 💵 | Taxes, Interest rates, Prices

🎯 Taxes and regulations with regards to your principal home or investment property. (0:33 seconds) 🎯 Interest rates and what's going on with them this year? (1:55 minutes) 🎯 Price Appreciation. Where are prices heading? (2:38 minutes)

5 Tips On Managing Contractors 👷 🏗️ 🔨

1. Get a contract in writing. 2. Communicate clearly and throughout the process. 3. Show up on the job site. 4. Don't pay in advanced. 5. Hold back at least 10% of the contractor fee until you've inspected the job at the end.

Holiday Gift giving for your Tenants ❄️ 🎄 🎁

PRO's: - rewards good tenant behaviour - it shows appreciation - improves relationship - includes tenant retention - tax deductible gift

CON's: - takes time to organize - costs money - upset if they're expecting a gift and don't receive one

Tax consequences of selling your property 🏠 💰 🏨 | Selling Your Principal Home / Investment Property

➡️ Best investment vehicle in Canada. ➡️ No taxes paid on the gains or profit of the sale. ➡️ Great tax deferral basis. ➡️ Capital gains exemption that applies.

Pre Delivery Inspection 🎯 💰 🏠 | Condo Development | P.D.I.

🎯PDI is a pre delivery inspection for the homeowners to come by to take a look at the suite to make sure it's in good condition and to make sure when you move in, the suite is in fantastic shape. 🎯Advantages: - any work that you're unsatisfied with (damaged, missing or incomplete) can be corrected before you move in. - Better situation instead of you having them corrected when you're already moved in.

The BRRRR Method 🎯 💰 🏠 | Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

1. Goal is to buy a property. 2. Renovate it. Then, Pull out all or a good portion of your renovation costs along with your down payment. 3. Rent it out. 4. Refinance - pull out all of the equity. 5. Repeat the process from the money back...

How to Find & Screen for Tenants 🏠 🏨 🎯

- put up some ads - put lots of pictures - ad as much of a description of the property - be accessible, give options for text messaging - be quick to respond and look to booking appointments - mark a time slot for open house for tenants - pre-screen tenants on the phone/strong> - background checks - income verification

How to Buy Investor Property with zero down payment 🏨 🎯 💰 | Tenant Covers all expenses